Agent Quakenberry tries to thwart a Bahamian terrorist plot to bomb the Hatchet Body Spray Factory in this laugh a minute espionage spoof.


Don’t Stop Believin’

CIA Operative Phoebe Quackenberry and her team have learned that a group of Bahamian terrorists are planning an attack on the Hatchet Body Spray Factory. Phoebe will do anything, or anyone to stop them.




Who’s Cryin’ Now?

CIA Operative Phoebe Quackenberry
and her team race against time to detonate a bomb. Meanwhile, Shalom
meets with an old colleague, Phoebe gets closer to terrorist Umprey,
and the team learn about Phoebe’s past.




Keep On Runnin

Shalom tries to warn Phoebe against
Guy’s plotting. Meanwhile Melvin and Harry are out in the surveillance
van, catching Schultz going in and out of Ousseny’s coffee shop.
Phoebe gets a mysterious phone call that threatens her life and
Orville deciphers a code that warns of another attack.





Phoebe wakes to another strange phone call,
which cause her and Umprey to argue in bed. Phoebe goes to
“interrogate” a supposed operative at Wul-Mart. Meanwhile, Ousseny
gives Umprey orders to bomb the Hatchet Body Spray model shoot.




Dead or Alive

Ousseny trades information for immunity and
the terrorists argue over who is the
father of Phoebe’s baby.
To be continued…




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