Follow Annie on her quest to find the perfect home.


Episode 1 – Step by Step

After asking a long series of questions and eliciting the help of a scientist and his machine, Annie the real estate agent is able to find the perfect home based on your personality.




Episode 2 – Full House

With high hopes and great intentions, Annie takes Sam and Linda to the houses that the Machine selected for them.




Episode 3 – Family Matters

After a series of increasingly awful homes, Sam and Linda are confronted with an upsetting truth: are their personalities as terrible as the listings suggest?




Episode 4 – Saved by the Bell

Back at the office, Dr. Tracy desperately tries to get Sam and Linda the home of their dreams with the help of his powerful machine.




Episode 5 – The Outer Limits

Annie, Sam, and Linda invite us to travel with them through the Infinite and Beyond to find the perfect home.



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