Shrinkwrap are the Austin comedy duo of Derrick Brown, a poet who is 'a funny,' and Curtis Luciani, a funny person who has a poetic intestinal disorder. They're like Martin & Lewis, with at least seven significant differences. Derrick is at and Curtis is on the google as Your Terrific Neighbors.


The Devil and Your Cherry Soul

An innocent soul is troubled by a visit from The Real Devil, who is wearing a pretty great hat and wants to either eat your hot ass soul, or make just one real friend.




Heat Street

An acclaimed music impresario is waylaid by a member of the London underclass with a shocking proposal. Sometimes people are not who they seem, Ben Pearson!




Poet and Comedian – Part 1

Two men of different m├ętiers meet up for their customary post-show coffee ritual and are interrupted by some serious business. Sometimes people seem like one thing and surprise, they’re another. How can we know? Metaphysics? Just know that justice is all around you. Wet work.




Poet and Comedian – Part 2

The poet and the comedian (Hobbies) keep hope alive by cracking a new case in a city without love, without hope, without justice, without decent lighting.




On My Ass

Is your wife always on your ass? Your boss maybe? A new product promises potent results through a method of posterior reinforcement.



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