Former pop-star Richard Dickens buys the house of his dreams, but he soon discovers unspeakable evil within its walls.


Episode 1

After skipping town for a fresh start, former pop-star Richard Dickens seeks out the help of a local realtor to buy his dream house, but he soon discovers unspeakable evil within its seemingly perfect walls.




Episode 2

An inspiring advertisement featuring the local realtor, Vinny Tortellini, leads Richard to a prospective new home. But when both Vinny and the house itself raise suspicions within Richard, he finds himself faced with a life altering choice.




Episode 3

Dickie’s first night in his new home confirms his fears that the house may be haunted. He confronts his realtor Vinny, and together they battle the tortured spirit of a little girl.




Episode 4

Just when things seem to finally be going well for Dickie, his past catches up with him, and as a result his friend and mentor Danny is kidnapped and held for ransom. Vinny and Dickie team up to save their beloved friend.




Episode 5

The pressure to save Danny rises to a boiling point as it drives a wedge between Vinny and Dickie. As the time to save Danny is quickly running out, Vinny derives one final plan to save their friend. Chaos ensues.




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